Community Committee

WeSC has been assembled as a "Professional eSports Organization" with an objective to unite industry leaders in forming the WeSC "crowd-driven" committee; a global professional body for eSports to help support the growth and ethics of an industry that is changing the landscape of media and entertainment. In current news, we are excited to announce that WeSC has aligned with a "Technology Entertainment Fund" specifically for startup and early stage companies in order to support Entrepreneurs and professionals along their journey of success in the eSports industry.

Our Approach

WeSC initially started with the objective to unite the top leaders in in eSports on a global scale in order to create a global committee that is "run by the community". This project has just been aligned with a venture capital fund and a startup incubation network to help bring stability and organization to the global expansion of the eSports economic landscape.

Catalyst Platform

This organization has become a catalyst platform supported by investment interests, as well as mentor and resource access to help mitigate risks and bring a sense of certainty and stability to the business building process. Taking from other explosive trends (such as the dot com bubble), the opportunity here is the "long play", not a quick score. This is just the beginning of an amazing journey that is going to take this organization in directions that truly impact our world around us.

WeSC Co Founders and Organizers

With clients from Activision/Blizzard to Jay Leno and Disney, to major music acts, personalities and even politicians, Bill Ganz is one of the top sought after media production professionals in the business.

Bill Ganz on LinkedIn

Software and technology Entrepreneur with clients that have created over a billion dollars through Robert's eCommerce and technology marketing solutions. Robert Kuntz knows marketing technologies.

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