Sanctioning Committee

WeSC has been assembled as a "Professional eSports Association" with an objective to unite top business leaders in forming the WeSC "eSports Sanctioning Committee"; an overarching global governing body for eSports. "The objective and mission of the World eSports Council is to bring stability to the eSports industry through organization and regulation."

Our Approach

Established in the later part of 2015, the WeSC initiative is lead by a team of eSports professionals, technology and media experts, and various company, platform and tournament-driven organizations. It's not the place of the World eSports Council to make the rules that govern the industry, rather WeSC is the platform that helps unify and facilitate the conversation by and between this association of business leaders who are joining forces to help bring organization and stabilization to our fast growing industry.

Catalyst Platform

There are many tournaments, events and organizations instigating eSports driven activities. Through the Sprocket Network, we plan to not only incubate the WeSC initiative, but also help grow startups, businesses, teams, players and projects through a social platform that leverages what we call crowdsourced incubation.

WeSC Co Founders and Organizers

With clients from Activision/Blizzard to Jay Leno and Disney, to major music acts, personalities and even politicians, Bill Ganz is one of the top sought after media production professionals in the business.

Bill Ganz on LinkedIn

Software and technology Entrepreneur with clients that have created over a billion dollars through Robert's eCommerce and technology marketing solutions. Robert Kuntz knows marketing technologies.

Robert Kuntz on LinkedIn